About Us


'Premium Quality' isn't just a phrase; it's our sacred mantra.

Our Philosophy

At Monlisse, we're passionate about a world where everyone deserves to own a treasured bag that embodies enduring charm and everyday elegance. Our philosophy is rooted in the pursuit of deeper, lasting connections, steering clear of disposable fashion and fleeting trends. We meticulously craft our collection of accessories to serve as symbols of timeless allure.

Softness and strength, confidence and class - these are the facets of modern sophistication that our collections aim to embody. Our ultimate goal is to deliver premium quality, offering products that not only exude timeless beauty but also stand the test of time. We aspire to bring a touch of softness and tenderness into life, infusing each piece with a sense of gentle elegance and enduring beauty.

Design Inspirations

Venice's iconic Ponte Rialto serves as a timeless muse, deeply intertwined with the soul of our brand, especially within our signature arch design. We find ourselves captivated by every nuanced facet of this enchanted city, from the weathered romance of its ancient walls to the meandering, poetic waterways that cradle its heart.

Within each carefully crafted product, you'll uncover the delicatewhispers of Venice's eternal allure, as our design and color palette intricately weave a love letter to the city's inspiration, evoking a profound sense of romance and mystique.

Our hope is that Monlisse owners will come to consider their items both as beloved companions and as heritage pieces to be treasured and handed down to future generations. 

Craftsmanship & Materials

Each piece in the Monlisse collection is lovingly handcrafted in Italy by a team of professional artisans. With over a decade of experience, their knowledge is exceptional and their affinity with our carefully chosen materials creates incomparably special results. Exotic skins, ethically sourced from some of Europe's most respected leather suppliers, are combined with smooth gold plated and palladium hardware for an impeccable finish.

VIP Lounge

In addition to our secure online store, you are welcome to explore the Monlisse collection in person at our exclusive VIP Lounge in Barangaroo. This service has been created for those clients who prefer to engage in a more tactile and personalised shopping experience. Visit and review the latest collection in our comfortable lounge to see and feel for yourself how beautifully made Monlisse products are for yourself.